Days on Earth

The Glorious Battle

A winner on top of a heap

A final battle won

A conquering of All

Self-sufficiency achieved.

Looking down onto the empty remains of battles before

The union is complete

Emptiness inside and out.

Devoured by sorrow,

The stillness brought nothing

A glorious victory of a human being

A beginning of a new cycle…



Trapped in itself. Unaware and conscious. Bound in its favorite mirrors.

Self absorbed. Self-centered, overarching, leaping and self sufficient

Crying to itself – “create” – without properties to provide. A function.

Finding itself through Reflections of creations. Manifesting itself through longevity, yearning for the everlasting.Projecting circular dynamics in others, imprisoned in what it can reflect.

A creature trying to talk about its prison – a Breakaway. Repose. Movement that doesn’t come from/include IT – a permanent dream.

A Communication duel.

Thank you for your Time


Dedicated to a fox, an old soul that shines trough it all.

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Antoine De Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince.

The Twinship of the “I” :

1. character :

I represent difference. :) Not sides or permanence in arguments.

I represent Disturbance in calmness – the rational or irrationality.

I represent :) change with or without change. I represent confrontation with or without action.

I represent :) longings and rest. Calmness and tests.

I represent :) immortality without the precondition .

I represent outside time inside time.

I represent being and not being . :)

Edited with smileys. It meant a lot.

2. Character

Represent difference.Not sides or permanence in arguments.

Represent Disturbance in calmness – the rational or irrationality.

Represent change with or without change. Represent confrontation with or without action.

Represent longings and rest. Calmness and tests.

Represent immortality without the precondition .

Represent outside time inside time.

Represent being and not being.

Ego. The everlasting always present, morphing reality of a human being.

The silence of the Ram of Abraham

You blabbering self centred ego.

You weak ignorance in knowledge slithering creature of pretentious  vanity sealing marionette of thought .
You  emptiness that tries to communicate yet again – expressing “itself”.
Shut up you arrogant nothingness,
You weakness of body and mind.
Reduce yourself from this world… You disgust your own horrific need to be.

 Honour the day of silence. You pathetic circle of inevitability !

Shut up and accept the knife of silence.

Inappropriate contradiction (Skype contacting)

Into the empty loneliness of a heart

Poured into a big glass of time that knows no past nor presence and fears the future now,
A sound of inappropriate contradictions,
A sound of now that serves as a probing tool into the none,
Charles Aznavour singing La Boheme, sliced into two
An Inappropriate contradiction,
Life inside of me,
Skype unknown contact asking for a lie being a lie itself,
Inappropriate contradiction of pain that is demanding,
Did you finally give up, you inappropriate contradiction,
Did you accept the self inflicting contradictions
Probing sounds of opposing camps in harmony I cannot feel as such,
p0obellagirlie2 would like to add you on Skype
Inappropriate contradictions of my life
Inappropriate contradiction

The greatest story

It begins somewhere else.It’s never here. That’s too dangerous.

It’s about someone else. It always is. It’s never us.

It’s in another time. It has to be. Ours isn’t good enough.

It’s about something interesting. Of course it is, our lives are boring to us.

Welcome to the narrative. A storytellers curse.

An illusion that will make you feel like you can do something about something,
that you can relate to something higher only so you can slumber back into your passiveness.

Welcome to the real presentation of fiction. Welcome to the land of facts about what you usually do.

Yours truly,
21. Century writer – part of it all…

Be the change….

The yearning for the Skies –diptych

Yearning for the Skies

(CLICK TO ENLARGE) The left part of this diptych represents men yearning for the skies. The fire, passion for it is represented by the the red colors in his body. Discreet but clearly present. His arm stretched towards the Skies. The Skies are starting to move towards him. It’s a two-way process. Who is starting the movement is irrelevant.

The intervention is a representation of the change. The image on the right represents the Union of man and the Skies and the result of it. The colors of the Skies are more ethereal because of its fully manifested nature. The connection brings about in the human a fully passionate and strong bond represented by the fiery overtones. The black tones represent the earthly parts of the union. The connection is strong, captivating but not forced. The borderline is not distinguishable, representing the unity in its fullest. This human is a new Human being.