Days on Earth

The yearning for the Skies –diptych

Yearning for the Skies

(CLICK TO ENLARGE) The left part of this diptych represents men yearning for the skies. The fire, passion for it is represented by the the red colors in his body. Discreet but clearly present. His arm stretched towards the Skies. The Skies are starting to move towards him. It’s a two-way process. Who is starting the movement is irrelevant.

The intervention is a representation of the change. The image on the right represents the Union of man and the Skies and the result of it. The colors of the Skies are more ethereal because of its fully manifested nature. The connection brings about in the human a fully passionate and strong bond represented by the fiery overtones. The black tones represent the earthly parts of the union. The connection is strong, captivating but not forced. The borderline is not distinguishable, representing the unity in its fullest. This human is a new Human being.


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