Days on Earth


Denied – screams the world.

Give and we shall not receive.
Yearn and we won’t  give.


Talk and we will not hear.
Listen and we wont care.
Try to see and you will become blind.


Build and it will falter
Write and it will disappear in pain.
Shake twist and convulse.


But remember!
Screams the Cosmos laughing at the same time vividly
You have a purpose and are unique-keep you head up high.

Don’t despair,Fight and Die.
Be – Denied…


3 thoughts on “Order”

  1. Hi Michael,
    Just wanted to tell you how impressed i am by your writings, you’re very talented and a true artist, using words to picture an amazingly interesting inner world…I’m sure many of your readers feels exactly like me, i just felt the need to express my admiration.

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