Days on Earth

Now what…

A brief discussion within some casual jokes with some friends in a local Montreal bar about the current music and club scene where, everybody agreed, mainly low quality music was played, with no real quality when compared to some earlier trends, and  where,on top of that, girls are being lured by offering free or cheep unlimited drinks for girls which in return lured the male counterpart.
No one is taking the music serious anymore, was one of the comments, ignoring of the fact that quality is not necessary connected to “seriousness“  while at the same time conveying a message about the trend in itself.

So, I asked, what now? Where is it going? What is the future? If all is bad, if nothing entails real quality before? If morality is, what some saw as, “non existent” other as “bad” and finally some as “different”.

What now…

“What is the problem? Nothing now.“ was the answer.

“One day you die and that’s it. We will all die. There is nothing to it.”

Some sounds of laugher appeared with a comment that we are existentialists. “Are we?” I answered… “Im really not sure about that..”

Short dialog finished. One of those that keeps on ringing in my head.

What was it? Existentialism? Real Freedom without Fear of Death? The ultimate human condition?  True Happiness? Liberty?

Is it just lack of active power, positive ambition to use all the freedoms so many people fought for millenniums? Freedom such as freedom of speech and more importantly -acting in accordance with it? Is it complete lack of awareness that individuals do make a difference when acting according to their understanding, and that beliefs are not simply conversation startups as were so many in ancient Rome, while the barbarians were on their doors?

The times – 2012 .

The times when once again, action, even if based on valid grounds, will be misused by those who use others strengths and motivation for personal ideas and gains, as so many times in history, while the other (passive) position will lead to some other result based on the standpoint of non action/ terribly simplified into the form of the above conversation?

Do we have a new solution? A new idea? Something that goes beyond left right and center? Something that is not active nor passive? Is the time right for the Homo sapiens to move beyond centuries old social/political concepts? Is it maybe time to introduce quantum physics into our social models?

Now what…

Illustration curtsey of CERN


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