Days on Earth

Too ugly for pornography

, give me some money…Says the sign that a homeless guy is showing…

The usual communication road branches into two ways. The first is something people call “ignoring/not seeing it”. Everybody knows that it is not really ignoring nor not seeing at all. Everybody has an internal reaction/thought and everybody is seeing it, at least with his/her peripheral vision.
One simply chooses to play that game. If choice is the right word for it. It opens another consideration for the mind juggling when thinking about “free will” vs. “weaknesses”. One might of course argue that we choose to follow our weakness into ignoring/not seeing, labelling it as “free will” and thereby incorporating weakness as part of the free will concept. Of course, the “usual” spiritual, religious etc. perception that says that one should not give in into the weakness because its in direct conflict with the concept of the free will that leads to essential freedom. In any case, that’s where the first branch ends.

The second one would be reacting at the sign, as a interesting begging concept and giving the fellow what he asks for due to his difference when compared to other signage, or because of the misinterpreted “eye for an eye” concept that introduces mercy upon others because of selfish gains. The giving can also be part or the ritual that turns the gift into a transcendental manifestation in belief or hope of success, or of course the socially inclined giving that benefits the society on a global scale.

I decided to react by looking in his eyes in hope for answers at the same time and passing by.

“I don’t agree”- I said…opening the perverse discussion about the “nature of compliments”. What did I say by saying it. That I consider him to be beautiful? Was I referring to inner or skin deep beauty?
Was I paying him a real compliment by telling him that he is “beautiful enough for the porn industry”, or were I just trying to make him realize that his statement has numerous errors if dealt with on levels that are different from the easiest to perceive and expected” money giving result oriented one? Can beauty be part of the industry? What is beauty and why did I not agree with him/his statement so clearly that I decided to pass on the money giving part?

Clearly it’s just me..No talent to write.. Give me some money….


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