Days on Earth

Conversations with human weaknesses


It’s a a multimedia project called ” Conversations with human weaknesses”.

The canvas contains two straight lines made of same colours.

The colours symbolize the following:

1. Gray = Insincerity

2. Red = Passions

The line with the base in grey is called –  Running away from insincerity.

The line with the base in red is called – Hiding of passions.

The brush strokes are in accordance with the emotion that the paint is representing.

Grey is calm and cold. Stable and rational.

The red is passionate and erratic.

In the line :  “Running away from insincerity” – the strokes in red are insincere  and therefore soft and artificial. They contain the advertised erotic element usually expected in advertisements. The purpose being – the hiding of the unpopular insincerity , only by covering it with artificial passion.

In the line “Hiding of passions” – the passion is unquestionably visible bellow the fake “greyness” – indicating that this model is just another form of insincerity.

Even though the colours are the same- the end results are clearly different strongly symbolizing the difference between the two life models.

Underlying message:

If a person, society, viewpoint, needs to be changed, this change should be initiated and go beyond simple make up covering, or imitations of the wanted state, without any real internal activity that should keep this change active and which should, eventually, if possible, make the change incorporated into the being, society etc.

The music is a complex pro-active challenge for the active listener.  It’s devised  as a combination of different emotions in order to further explain the complexity of human internal change and the need to grow – combined in a manner that goes hand in hand with the intentional message in certain segments of the process.

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