Days on Earth

The corner store

You know… your typical corner store.Chips,beer,bread and lotto tickets.

Once in a while you enter to buy something…usually the same things you don’t want to think about when you are buying in those large stores, or maybe something you fail to organize in a perfect manner – in this time consuming world.

Me? I’m bad with bread organization. I either eat it too fast or too slowly  and I end up buying bread at the corner.

Luckily, it’s not that bad at all, so I don’t feel too bad about buying it.  Actually, there are days when I actually enjoy eating their 675 gr. white, pre-sliced bread or the Italian version of it -which means that it has a bit more crust and few sparkles of flour on top. Oh, and its whole grain.

Tonight was one of those nights.  I was aiming for the white one. Sweet Lord – the perfect match for my Polonaise sausages and ketchup.

My corner stop is managed by a chinese couple. Younger people.  They switch shifts to keep it running as it is. Both are fighting the language barrier and the pronunciation issues that are actually a result of different muscle usage in different languages. An obstacle that’s especially noticeable when switching between language groups. A very intense, silly barrier that makes people silent and insecure.

Yeah…you know… the usual -good evening with the door bells sounding, signalizing that someone is entering.

“Good evening, how are you tonight?” – I decided to ask, condemning myself to the “fine, how are you – continuation”.

“Oh, me too, I’m trying my best – don’t we all?” – I answered,carrying thereby the usual routine into the unknown.

A pause, the very important one that makes the feeling grow and the memory flow –  and then a “Very hard”, with a uncommon eye contact and a smile.

A second was enough… “Here is your change, have a good night…”. “You too” –  I replied.

I really needed that conversation…

Bread is important.


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