Days on Earth

So What?

I’ve got the feelings,
I’ve got the pain,
I’ve got the need.

It’s not in vain.

I’m alone,
I’m not at home,
I’m all but fun,

So what’s to be done?

Believe in change,
Believe in joy,
Believe in truth,

And you’ll find what’s hurting you.

It’s not the pain,
It’s not the frame,
It’s not the view thats killing you.

Feel the urge, the need to preserve,
The long lost truth, that’s hurting you.

The hurt you feel is not the pain,
It’s the need to love again.

Integrity, and love – to have and hold,
To take the blow, if it’s so.

Believe and survive,
Keep your hearth alive,
Don’t let the despair,
Take you anywhere.


One thought on “So What?”

  1. Don’t let the despair take you anywhere
    So many mystics, existencialists, psychoanalysts and faked artists would tell us that anguish is the truth. Anguish is my enemy. Gandhi said: «Respect your enemy». Anguish is usually a locked door behind which lies a hiden truth. To become the friend of my own fears, I will take the time to get to know and tame that fox behind the door.

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