Days on Earth

Simple love

Oh – you simple love of mine.
Each day I come,
to your rented room,

To eat and to have –
what the common call fun,
Drink, laugh, feast and sex

You simple one.

I can’t take it anymore,
The simple life you call your own.

Too little change,
Every thing’s too strange
I’m still not your,
The body nor soul.

What is it then, that makes me come?
I don’t know you simple one.
Maybe it’s the pain that my life is in vain.

Just ignore my depths,
And we’ll be fine,
You’ll still be sure
That my need is pure.

For a fact it truly is,
It’s just the past erasing deaths.

You are truly blessed, love of mine.
Your ignorance in love is one of the kind.

Oh you simple love of mine,
Please except this hurting soul,
I will need you in the time to come
As soon as I’m done, fighting the evil one.


2 thoughts on “Simple love”

  1. Simple love
    «C’est si simple l’amour» citation de Garance (voix d’Édith Piaf) dans le film «Les enfants du paradis”

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