Days on Earth



A sublimate

Not strong enough to create

Not clear enough to teach

Without the simplicity needed for convincing

Not useful enough for success.

Lazy and mostly lonely.
Always on the edge between pleasure and its negation.

My colors can change, my thoughts ruffle

They may even come to a decision. From time to time.

Part of a minority

A minority with an unclear part

Called the middle class.

A living proof of a blurry symbiosis.

The proof that human parasite organism are real.

A leech of society.

A leech to be extinguished, and as such…

off course extremely charming

It’s time for regrouping, my dear leeches

Time for giving.

Unconditional and constant.

Time to return to the sun.

Time to shine without asking for recognition and honors

Grow dear leeches. This time-decide.

Giving or death


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